Учащиеся 9-10 классов нашей школы в курсе англо-американской литературы изучают основы стихосложения и часто пишут стихи на английском языке или делают поэтические переводы.

В рамках проекта "Мосты" Международного Шекспировского общества "GlobLink" в 2003 году в честь юбилея "Сонета к Вестминстерскому мосту" У. Водсворта учащиеся по заданию общества участвовали в фестивале сонетов и сочинили цикл сонетов, который размещён на сайте и в постоянной экспозиции GlobeLink в Лондоне.

 (учитель Микунис Н.С.)

Oh, can you tell me what a bridge is?
It is nothing but a link beween tow shores
Or ages, generations... Can you seize this,
The sense of such a magic word...in vers...
Humanity has known as many bridges
As stars, as leaves... or even more,
Becaus, you know, every person mingles
In him (her), not only inner world.
I've got it! Man is but a link
It binds together two parts, tow sides
And more than tow. Oh, you can drink
My wasted words like cold with flies...
But not, I am too exhausted to write now
The bridges in my soul can really fall down!

By Misha Kuzrin

Inspired by W. Shakespeare

Once wandering among the sleeping trees
And gazing into waters deep
I thought that human life is
A fragile bridge between the splash
Of birth and gloom of everlasting sleep.
But suddenly all this was gone.
Like blue – winged dove
Whose wings were burnt by the destructive sun
I fell on the deserted Earth and cried:
"What human life will be
If the spring waters of my love have dried
And I’ve, oh, my beloved friend, lost thee?
Where is the brink between, the love and pain?
Where is the bridge from suffering to gain?”

By Ksenia Mayorova

These are many bridges in the world,
But none is worth the one,
Presented by the Lord
The most important ever done.
The bridge that serves as link
Between the loving hearts
And people start to think
Of their second parts.
They open their eyes and see
The marvels of the Earth
They hear the whisper of the sea
And their souls’ rebirth.
You ought to keep this bridge  forever
And must not leave it ever. Never.

By Valentina Resun

Magic Bridge

There was a bridge between two worlds:
One magic and of cruelty of other.
And on the pavement were five words:
"Don’t crush the dreams of hover.”
Magicians, dragons, fairy kings
Lived in the magic world in peace,
Their fairs, princesses and queens
Kept their secrets of "no tears”.
The other world was full of evils,
Each other people killed like devils,
Their minds had only war inside
And crush the bridge they did decide,
The magic bridge is now destroyed,
It’s death the Art can not avoid!

By Marina Kiupa

What must unite two separated parts?
What is the bridge between two souls and hearts,
Whose aim is not to ruin, but create?
And there’s no sign on the entrance: "For private”.
The show and roses here coexist,
You hear sweet song but there’s no snakes’ hiss,
Destroyed not by time, but with time strong,
The truth walks here, and isn’t known as wrong.
Though separated by the sea of Hate and Lie,
Above it shining bridge of sun does lie.
And who, on Earth, will dare to shake it’s stone
Will live his life in torments, all alone.
A path is sparkling in the blue of holy sky
Where love and joy do flourish, but not die.

By Anastasia Lobanova

2009-2010 учебный год

В рамках спецкурсов
 по иностранным языкам, 
таких как МХК и 
англо-американская литература
(учитель английского языка
Кондракова Н.Н.,
Учитель МХК и английского языка
Майорова Е.А.)
 учащиеса  нашей школы
 имеют возможность
 свои творческие способности 
сочиняя сонеты.

 For Her.

When seed is planted
You are like a child.
You look for hours
At a place of growth.
When blossom time comes out
You spend all day for glancing
At what  is so tender
With a dancing smile.
When flower came to beauty end
Your eyes are full of tears
But opening your hand
You gather seeds.
Next day will come again
And you’ll be a child.

 Каспшик Степан 10б